Dog acts strangely every morning, so man sets up camera to catch her in action at 5 a.m.

Disturbance is one of the things I hate while sleeping – those around me can testify!

Waking early for me is like a battle since I lack those genes that make others smoothly do it. Before it clocks 7 a.m., the snooze button is my biggest friend. How I wish I had the willingness to wake up like the adorable pit bull within the video that follows!

This video was posted in the page of one YouTube user called autoedit. “Grey Dog,” his dog, is featured within it and all he does to her on a daily basis. As he explains, the dog has developed a routine of seeking for attention every morning and as a result he decided to set up the camera.

Dogs can act in a number of ways, but this is the first time I’m coming across one that’s capable of acting in such a hysterical manner. Where did she learn this from?

Enjoy this hilarious moment caught on camera in the video below: