Dad records giggling little son then family dog approaches causing outcome dad never expect

Few things are more adorable than dogs and babies, which is why it’s so great that a video is going viral this week that combines both of these things!

Babies and dogs are both sweet creatures that have so much innocence about them. They both view the world with a similar sense of wonder, so it should come as no surprise that they often create strong bonds with each other.

In the video below this story, 18-month-old Andonis Antonakis can be seen giggling hysterically at the antics of his family’s beloved dog. The moment was so cute that his dad could not help but film it and post it online!

The Antonakis family lives in Marina Del Rey, California with their 3 year-old dog Brooklyn, who is an energetic canine that loves to play! Most people do not get to experience Brooklyn’s fun side, however, because he is afraid of almost everything except for children.

Jennie Antonakis has grown to love the bonds that Brooklyn has made with her children, as he is always there to protect them and play with them!

In the video below, you’ll see a hyper Brooklyn running around and stopping to kiss Andonis’ nose before running off again. The dog keeps doing this over and over again as the little boy giggles hysterically at his silly little friend.

It’s obvious that Brooklyn loves entertaining Andonis, who just can’t get enough of the dog!

Brooklyn is clearly more than just a pet and is a full-on member of the family. The Antonakis children are lucky to have such a lovable friend in him!

I have to say that it’s impossible to watch this video without smiling. Check it out for yourself below!