Couple refuse to let go of their dogs during terrifying flood – despite risking their own lives

When you have a pet, you recognize the fact that they have a life too, and you just can’t decide to sacrifice them even in the face of the most dangerous situations. Pets are family members too, and this Japanese couple knew that!

In 2015, a region called Jose, in Japan, was hit by a flood. More than 90,000 people had to be evacuated from the area, with hundreds more still stranded in there. This couple was among the people still waiting for evacuation by air. With them were their two dog pets. They were on the roof top of their house waiting for the rescue team to save them from the flood. The whole neighborhood was full of water, and anything falling into it wouldn’t survive.

The couple clutched onto their pets, refusing to let go and allow them to be swept away by the powerful, terrifying current. Despite likely exhaustion and fear, the man and woman knew they simply couldn’t leave their dear dogs behind.

Watch the dramatic rescue as it unfolds in the video below.