Cop makes woman sit inside 114-degree car because she had previously left her dog in

No matter what the excuse is, we find it hard to understant people who leave their pets inside cars under scorching sun. The hot temperatures on summer days can threaten your pets lives.

Even though people know this, but some still make the same mistake and keep leaving their animals in hot cars while they go to deal with their business.

However, it’s important to never leave your animal trapped in the car on a hot day, and the price you pay might be higher than you think. Many animals die after being neglected in this manner, and others suffer health complications that aren’t reversible or curable.

It seems like owners of animals aren’t caring enough to have empathy for the poor animals suffering under these conditions, but it’s important to learn from their mistakes and never repeat these patterns.

recent case of this negligence occurred in New Mexico and was handled by Vincent Kreischer, an officer who found a hot dog trapped inside of a car while working one day.

He found the car at a grocery store parking lot, and he figured that the owner was running in for a few things while leaving her helpless pet in the hot car. When Shelly Nicholas, the owner of the dog, left the store, she carelessly told the officer that she only left him for ten minutes.

But the officer knew better and explained to her that the car can reach boiling temperatures of 114 degrees in this small span of time. Even if only left for ten minutes, the poor dog was certainly suffering.

Shelly then began arguing and becoming hostile at the officer, feeling like she was being treated unfairly. However, she surely regretted these actions after she found out what the officer wanted her to do!

Officer Kreischer made an order for the woman to sit inside of the car in the same conditions that she left her dog in and began to write her a ticket. This was the only way that the woman could see just how hot the car got and hopefully would never leave her dog again.

Of course, Shelly complained about the car being too hot, but it was too late. What do you think about Officer Kreischer’s punishment? Would you have done the same if you were in his shoes? Let us know, and go ahead and pass this along to your friends and family too.