Company hires gangster cats for their bathroom ad and is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen

One thing people know about is that cats hate water. The small creatures aren’t wired to love bathing, but there’s something that people haven’t realized yet. It’s not about the wiring, it’s about the beauty!

A Thai company has made news by featuring some cats in its commercial about bathroom remodeling. The clip is the funniest ever, and it gets the point home!

Now, there’s this group of “elite” cats that gang up to form some kind of movement to rebel against their human’s policy of bathing them. They meet at a “secret location” and take an oath never to meet the bathroom waters again. When their human shows up to pick them up for a bath, they scatter and disappear!

Well, the story could end there if the cats hadn’t decided to launch an investigation into the state of the bathroom. They walk in, and what they find in there makes the whole difference. The bathroom is so beautiful that these cats are now willing to be bathed all day!

This is amazing. Just click on the video and watch. Be sure to SHARE on Facebook!