Cat thinks owner is drowning in bathtub – Now watch as he climbs up and starts his rescue operation

Now that we treat the pets we live with as part of our family, we must also learn that they care a lot about us. By that I mean that they will not feel comfortable if they see their human friends being subjected into any kind of suffering or danger. If you doubt that, wait until you meet one cat in the video below.

His human friend was in the bathtub bathing when the cute cat got concerned about his safety. The cat must have thought he was drowning in the evil waters and decided to do something about it. Though the cat kept on meowing, the human did not understand what the cat wanted. The kitty even tried to bite his hand so that he can leave the bathtub. It is obvious that this cat can’t understand why humans like water.

Though many people have come out and said the person should not have allowed the cat to be subjected into that kind of pain, we have to appreciate the way the cat reacted to the situation.