Woman surprised to see baby deer approaching her dog. Captured moment has whole internet fall in love

Ever stopped to think about just how much the world would change if herbivores and carnivores could forge a lasting friendship? We bumped into a sneak-peak, and it’s the loveliest thing you’ve never seen!

Here’s Kate, and here’s Pippin. Kate is a Great Dane while Pippin is a little fawn. Now, you want to know how these two ended up as friends, and you might even not believe the truth behind it. Kate actually adopted Pippin!

Pippin was abandoned by her mom, and Kate found her and stepped up. The dog adopted the little fawn and treated her as her own kid. Now the two different creatures spend their days playing with each other. They hug and cuddle as they lay together. What a sight!

Isobel Springett, Kate’s owner, confesses that she’s never seen anything like this before. This bond is fostered by something unique between the two animals. They even have their own special greeting routing. Wow!