Beloved grandma passes away – Loyal heartbroken dog sobs real tears on her grave

We all know that dogs can show their emotions. That’s why they’re call man’s best friend. They love you , wait for you, protect you and stay by your side no matter what.

Wiley, a Siberian Husky, is one of the best examples that dogs have feelings. Wiley adored his owner’s grandmother. They were very close, so when she passed away, he went through a very hard time – just like any human would.

In this video, Wiley’s owner takes him to the grandmother’s grave so that Wiley has the chance to meet her again.

This was recorded by a woman who goes by the name ‘Sarah and the Wolves’ on YouTube and uploaded on 14 April back in 2013 – but it still breaks my heart.

When I saw his reaction, my heart fills with so much warmth and sympathy for him. Ain’t he the sweetest companion?

Feel free to share this with every dog owner you know – everybody deserves to see this dog’s beautiful reaction towards his beloved friend.