Beloved dog vanishes into air without a trace – then he nervously answers a call from the vet

April 7, 2007 is the day Joshua’s heart sank. He had just lost his puppy, Duke, and he couldn’t find him even in the neighborhood. Someone had stolen Duke.

But last week was a magical week for Joshua and his family –him, his wife, two sons and 3 cool dogs. Someone had spotted Duke!

The dog was now 9-years-old. The lady who came across him took him to the Tamiami Animal Hospital, where they found a microchip on him, and it linked to Joshua!

Joshua had already acquired another dog, Duke Jr, but he never expected what came next. He was informed about Duke and went to the hospital to take him home, and the moment of their reunion just can’t hold a price!

If you thought a dog would forget the guy who trained and raised it, think again. Click on the video and watch these two play like they never missed a day together, though it’s been 8 long years since they last hugged.

May be we will never know what had happened to Duke, but having him back in the family is more precious than a few lines of explanation. And he now has some 5 friends to play with – two kids and 3 other dogs. Great!

Check out the moment when Joshua reunites with his beloved dog after eight years here: