Baby girl invades dog’s personal space to kiss him inciting reaction family didn’t expect

All babies want to snuggle and let everyone feel their lovable little interactions. They love everyone in the family, and that includes pets!

Baby girl Quinn, from San Antonio, Texas, adores the family’s white German Shepherd dog Larry and is melting hearts after she was caught on camera giving him lots of kisses.

The real joy comes in the dog’s response, it’s so adorable.

She’s not old enough to be talking so communicates with actions.

According to a YouTube post Larry is 9 months older than Quinn and has been obsessed with her since her parents brought her home.

Quinn wants to give Larry all the love back and showers him with kisses on the nose.

Larry looks bored for the most part but then gets up from lying on his slipper and responds with something that makes Quinn squeal with delight.

Thankfully someone was there to catch the adorable moment on camera and now it’s gone viral.

When you watch it below you’ll understand why.