Abandoned Dog Keeps Looking At The Wall, Then The Vet Realizes The Sad Truth.. It Broke My Heart!!

Founder of The Haley Graves Foundation, Tammy Graves, was visiting a shelter when she saw June Cash. Graves was so disturbed by the dog’s appearance, “she would not look aside” Graves Posted on her Facebook page.


Tammy Graves / Facebook


Tammy Graves / Facebook

Graves ensured she integrated a picture of June to show how sad the dog was. After demands from pals, Graves made the post accessible to everyone as a way of making known the story of June by many people.


The Haley Graves Foundation NC / Facebook

Immediately after she saw June, Graves went to save her. She took her to the vet where she was given medication for heart worm infection. The vet also found signs of the previous mistreatment. The dog was taken by a foster home.


The Haley Graves Foundation NC / Facebook

At her foster home, her masters started her mental and physical healing process. She began going near her new father while waving her tail and feeling at ease as they get in contact physically. And looking at this picture, she appears to be affectionate as she moves around.


The Haley Graves Foundation NC / Facebook

June is now formally ready for adoption this week. If you are considering adopting her, please visit The Haley Grave Foundation website and fill out the adoption form.

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