97-yr-old woman steps into stranger’s barn – can’t believe when she sees her lifelong wish is waiting for her

Age should be the last thing to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Still, I can think of too many times when I’ve thought “I am too old for this”.

Janet Fauks, 97, knew exactly what she wanted to cross off her bucket list.

The Oklahoma resident had ridden Morgan horses back in the days, one of the earliest breeds developed in the United States. and she wanted to do so again one more time more than anything. Morgan horses are one of the earliest breeds that were the developed in the United States, and they are a favorite breed of many equestrians.

Nothing could stop Janet from fulfilling this dream, not cold weather nor a bout with an illness. Her family wanted to help her make this dream come true, so they approached the Cottonwood Creek Ranch to see if they could help. Staffers there were touched by Janet’s wish, and they immediately knew that they had the perfect Morgan horse for her to ride.

The horse they had for Morgan was named Stretch, and Janet could barely contain her excitement when she met him for the first time. Janet spent the entire afternoon riding Stretch as her children, grandchildren, friends, and ranch staffers looked on in tears.

“As always, Stretch took soft steps and gentle care of his precious cargo as they walked, jogged, and even loped to make another dream come true,” local affiliate KOCO reported. Loping means that the horse ran at bounding steps, making the ride that much more exciting for an equestrian like Janet.

“It was a beautiful moment to witness a fellow equestrian ride again with the help of family and friends,” recalled Jaclyn Jacobs of Cottonwood Creek Ranch. “There are no strangers in the world of horses.”

We’re so happy that Janet was able to fulfill her dream! Watch her happy ride with Stretch in the video below!