9-Yr-Old Boy Reads Surprise Letter From Santa – Completely Loses it When He Gets to The End

At 9 years of age, little Cooper was already having the time of his life during Christmas and other cool holidays. Truth be told, the Christmas period is one of the nicest times for kids who get adorable gifts from their parents. When it came time for presents, Cooper received a letter addressed to him by…guess who? Santa!

Suddenly, Cooper’s parents announce to him that they’re going to drive off to pick someone up. This “someone” is pretty important to this family, and little Cooper has to go too. So off they go!

Now wait for that inspiring moment when someone opens the car door and puts something in Cooper’s arms. You’re dying to see this! It’s a cute little fury being. A puppy! Cooper can’t seem to handle himself at this point. This boy is in tears!

The pup itself seems pretty happy to meet Cooper. Watch as the two get cozy and strike up a friendship fast and get down to the business of petting and hugging. It’s a love-fest!