Woman claims she lives with 1,000 cats – people are baffled when she lets camera inside home

What would you give up to fuel your passion? Would you give up your money? Your house? Would you dedicate your life to it? Some people might say that’s too much to ask, but none of the thousands of cats she has taken care of ever asked Lynea Lattanzio to give up her 5-bedroom house!

After she became a vet technician in the 90s, the now 68-year-old lady decided to do something to help stray cats. She knew she loved those little souls, so she went all out of her way to find a way to help them. To do that, she needed to do something drastic, something like giving up her own house!

Over years, Lynea has taken care of over 28,000 cats. She found her passion in caring for them in her house and re-homing them whenever possible. In fact, she now lives in a trailer home within her 6-acre land in California while the felines occupy her whole house. What selflessness!

At any one given time, you’ll find around 1,000 cats roaming the big house, now dubbed the “Cat House on the Kings.”

I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before. Watch the video below:

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