They Trained Their Horse To Do One Strange Trick.. When He Approached Her? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

A lady walks in to check out some horse in a stable, but she doesn’t expect something so cool to happen to her in there. Even if she suspected something about to happen, she wouldn’t figure it could be involving her own zipper!

In the clip, you see this horse that’s been taught one nice trick to impress people with. For one, this mare happens to have a love for working with zippers – and not just any zipper. He likes to play around with those already on people’s clothes!

When this lady gets in, the horses walks up to her and starts something that almost freaks out the woman. However, the other lady behind the camera assures her that the horse is just out to pull some trick on her. Now sit back and watch him as he tries to grab that zipper by his teeth. He finally does! Next? Close up and move it back down. This is getting funny!

You want to click on this video and watch it all. It’s short, but you can be sure to have your heart stolen here.

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