Tiny Horses Race With Dog Around Barn. Moments Later, Someone Unexpectedly Sprints Around The Corner

It is too snowy and icy outside, so these adorable miniature horses were forced to stay inside, but this didn’t stop them from exercising indoors. Fortunately, they have enough space in their barn to make a mini race course and it’s the best thing you’re gonna see today.

Animals need to stretch their legs no matter the weather is, so the caregiver, Alicia, decided to make this happen for the little horses, so they let them out of their stables so they can run freely inside the barn. watching their excited reaction, we can see that they’ve been waiting for this moment.

Along with a thrilled border collie, they run with energy in circles around the barn, sprinting surprisingly fast for such little legs. As three horses round the corner, another patter of hooves come from behind and then Alicia turns with the camera to see a fourth tiny horse running behind.

But the funny little horse catches up quickly and in short time, the group of horses and dog are running together, enjoying the fun of freedom.

“We’re never getting any work done today,” Alicia laughs as she tries to compose herself to continue filming the animals in their excitement. The horses were rescued from a neglectful owner when they came to Alicia and it looks like they love their new, happy home.

Watch the short video to see the hilarious display – I’ll bet you can’t watch it without laughing in delight!