Thief cat steals stuffed animal from neighbors’ house — Now watch what he does with it

This mischievous cat has a habit of stealing stuffed animals from his neighbor’s house, and he doesn’t care that they don’t belong to him.

Anyone who has a cat knows that cats get exactly what they want, no matter what stands in their way. That’s no exception for Timmy, the cat in this video. Timmy demonstrates the same determination and persistence that cats are known for.

This cat knows what he wants, and he will get it.

In the case of this video, Timmy wants the tiger stuffed animal owned by his neighbor. It doesn’t matter that the stuffed animal is bigger than Timmy’s head. And it doesn’t matter that Timmy has to carry the stuffed animal all the way back from his neighbor’s house. Because that stuffed animal is awesome, and Timmy is determined that he’s going to bring that stuffed animal home with him.

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.