Spectators are confused when he pulls a tarp over his horse – Then they gasp at her show of complete trust

Over the years, the way people bond with horses has become so close. Since time immemorial, horses have played a very important part in people’s lives. They are needed in events such racing, and in performances such as dressage. The popularity of such events has remained the same over the centuries. The clip below features an amazing dressage performance and it is something you will enjoy watching.

In the clip, we meet a beautiful horse called Esmeralda and Will Rogers, her owner. From the look of things, the bond between the two is so strong since their performance says it all. It just shows how intelligent horses are and what they are capable of. It requires a lot of dedication and trust from all parties to come up with such a performance, and the two have everything in their locker to do it.

Her level of calmness and composure is remarkable. This shows that she had complete faith in Will, and that he wouldn’t let any harm befall her. She even sat down in the middle of the field as Will whispered comforting things in her ear. He must have worked really hard to make Esmeralda so comfortable even in unfamiliar surroundings, and all the hard work certainly paid off.

Though at times a number of horses can be skittish and nervous, Esmeralda is collected and calm throughout the routine. She fully trusts her owner and does everything he instructs her to do.

Check out their stunning performance below: