Soldier has been away for months – cat’s heartwarming reaction to seeing him says it all

You’ve likely seen the heartwarming videos of the excited dogs welcoming back their human soldiers from deployment, but kitties show their love for their returning parents, too.

A rag doll cat named Finn was very excited to see his dad, Nick, after he’d come home from his recent tour.

Finn paces by the door, wags his tail and meows in anticipation in the YouTube video, which has gathered over 12 million hits.

Finally, Nick comes in and after Finn rubs on Nick’s belongings, he jumps into Nick’s arms for a hug and a quick kiss.

When Boo, the other cat in the household hears the commotion, she joins the party as well.

Welcome home, Nick. A grateful country and cats are glad you’re home!

Watch the heartwarming video below: