She Saw A Wild Horse While Camping In The Mountains, What She Recorded Next Will Take Your Breath Away.. WOW!

Nature has a lot of beauty that surround it. Talk of horses, and you know the kind of cuteness they carry along. Those who have had the chance of watching their clips on the internet can testify to that. Below, we have another clip that shows that. Sandy Palen is the one who filmed the moment and it happened at The Pryor Mountains around the Billings, Montana/Wyoming border. If you want to watch stunning wild horses, then that is the place to go.

Palen has called the clip bittersweet since some of the moments within the clip are so personal to her. As we speak, some of the horses were removed back in the 2012 and some of them have passed away. She loves it that she got the chance of visiting the mountains severally and taking the clips while out there camping. The video in the background is Mary Ann Kennedy’s “Spirit Horse.”

You can watch the cute moment in the clip below and let us know whether you loved watching it by commenting below.

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