Pedro Bras uploaded the photo of the firefighters in Pedróg Grande, Portugal, to Facebook so that others may see it.

It is generally agreed that becoming a fireman is a responsible and vital job. It was made very evident by the image that was uploaded by firefighter Pedro Bras how seriously the firefighters take their responsibilities.

The region in the center of Portugal that is attempting to put out a forest fire has an extraordinary demand for firefighters. There are currently 1,150 firefighters working around the clock in an effort to contain the fire and stop it from spreading.

Already this year, the fire has been responsible for the destruction of various regions and the injury of 25 persons. A total of 114 people lost their lives as a result of two devastating fires that occurred in Portugal in June and October of the previous year.

This picture showed firefighters who, although exhausted from their heroic efforts, continued to do their jobs no matter how dangerous they were.

After spending several hours attempting to put out a big fire in Pedróg Grande, Pedro uploaded an image that showed some of the firefighters attempting to take a break and relax for a little time.

“After working hard all day and all night, we decided to take a break and relax by the river for a quarter of an hour; at that time, we noticed that the air was thick with smoke.”

Pedro reported that after working tirelessly for twenty-four hours, the firefighters took a little break of twenty-five minutes to relax close to a river. He said that at this time, the firefighters had taken a break. The smoke-filled atmosphere was clearly seen in the photograph.

The temperature had reached an all-time high of nearly 116 degrees Fahrenheit on August 5, according to a report by Reuters; in addition to the 13 planes that dumped water on the flames, a number of other firefighters had agreed to assist in the fight against the blaze. According to AWM, the efforts to evacuate people also required the assistance of 160 soldiers who were called into service.

The image quickly went viral, racking up more than 9,000 replies and 1,300 comments from users while also being shared more than 5,900 times. A great number of users expressed their astonishment at the actions taken by the firefighters.

According to what Manja Knofel said, every single firefighter around the world is a hero in his or her own right. Sweetie Racch, another user from Paris, stated that they were deserving of “rest and recognition” for the incredible job that they had done.

The Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, was quoted as saying, “The firefighters have done everything they can. A few of them have suffered life-threatening injuries.”

The authorities had been holding out hope that the incident that occurred the year before would not occur again this year.


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