Owner builds epic cardboard maze for his cats. 6 million have watched them ‘struggle’ through it

If you’ve ever been a cat owner, then you know all about how crafty you need to be to outsmart your feline friend and make sure they’re happy at all costs. They just keep figuring things out, get bored, and then start knocking things off of your shelves. To keep his cats happy and celebrate International Cat Day, cat owner Chris Poole decided to build them something amazing.

Poole’s cats Cole and Marmalade were given a special gift in the form of a kitty cat maze comprised of 50 cardboard boxes, with kitty cat treats sprinkled throughout the maze so his fluffy little friends would have surprises waiting around every corner. As you can see in the video, Cole and Marmalade absolutely loved their maze, and they’re actually pretty good at getting from point A to point B within its confines. They’re also absolutely adorable.

This is hardly the internet’s first blush with Poole and his internet-worthy cats, however. His YouTube channel shows off his kitty cats living it up as they trot around his house and interact with other felines as well. It’s a heartwarming channel that you should absolutely check out, even if you’re just a casual cat fancier or looking to adopt one in the near future.

Just don’t think about making some sort of human-sized version of the cat maze. You might end up realizing it’s a lot more fun than it looks for cats and spend all day running back and forth jumping in and out of boxes. And it’s a lot less cute when humans are doing weird things like that than when cats do them. And make sure to toss these happy kitties’ channel a like and subscribe so a 100-box maze might be on its way next.