Officers suspect vehicle and pull over to investigate – get stunned when they see what’s actually happening

Cops should be always ready to intervene when they get an urgent report or notice a strange behavior on streets. These daily heroes can face dangerous
and life-threatening, some of them are just plain bizarre!

Officers Jeremy Halek and Tony Weeks were on patrol just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota recently when they pulled over 19-year-old Chris Felix. The cops sensed something was wrong and they wanted to help, but they could not have imagine the situation that was about to unfold.

Chris, who works at a Subaru dealership, had pulled over on his way home from work to help a squirrel who desperately needed medical attention. The squirrel had been hit by a car, and when the officers showed up, Chris was desperately trying to revive him.

Halek and Weeks had thought that Chris was in an accident, so they were surprised to find him on the sidewalk trying to give CPR to the squirrel. Chris told the officers that the animal did not seem to be breathing, so he thought that CPR was the only option to save his life.

When asked why he did tried to help the squirrel, Chris replied, “It didn’t look like he had any life, you know? It doesn’t matter if it’s a little life or a big life. Life is life.”

After a few minutes of CPR, the squirrel was not showing any signs of life, and the officers felt sad that Chris’s efforts seemed to be in vain. Suddenly, however, the squirrel then jumped up and ran away, seemingly recovered from the accident!

Halek and Weeks said that while they have seen a lot in their years on the force, they never would have actually believed that this happened had they not seen it with their own eyes!

Find out more about this amazing story in the video below.