Mom hears gunshot in 3-year-old’s bedroom – Runs in to see family cat lying on the floor

Fate has a way of proving many things. For example, what would you say if I told you that a little cat can save a kid’s life by just sitting on a pillow? It’s magical as it is unbelievable!

That’s something that actually happened in Angelica Sipe’s home. Angelica has a little kid, a son. One day, she was going about her stuff in the house when she heard a loud gunshot just within her neighborhood. The shot seemed to have sounded almost inside the house!
Angelica was shocked and worried about her kid’s safety. She rushed into her 3-year-old’s room and found him sleeping. However, there was something else. The family cat was bleeding. Turns out, the gunshot had hit the cat. Further assessment revealed that the cat actually blocked the bullet from hitting the sleeping son. Opie the cat saved Angelica’s son!