Man comes across mysterious box buried in the snow. Nothing could have prepared him for what was in it

I really don’t get it. I never do. I mean, just how cruel can a human be to the point of hurting innocent pets? What’s really wrong with some people? It’s so infuriating!

It’s even more heartbreaking to find out the hurtful methods some people use to abandon their pets. You just have to get a glimpse of this man’s story and you’ll be the angriest human in the neighborhood.

Now, this guy was driving home on a snowy day, but he was watchful. He spotted a small white box thrown in the snow, so he stepped out and picked it up. He opened it, and he froze!

Inside the small box were two little kitties with just a small blanket to lie on. They were literally imprisoned in the box and the prison itself thrown away. Who does that?!

Were this guy not so sharp-eyed, no one would’ve seen that box and those two innocent souls would be gone – just like that. It’s so sad!

Luckily, they were saved, thanks to that man.

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