Mail worker approaches home to deliver letters – cat’s hilarious reaction is leaving thousands in stitches

Mail workers swear to deliver your mail through “rain or shine, snow or sleet,” but we think that they should add another thing to this oath: pets. And we’re not just talking about dogs, either. As this video shared by Lucky Eleven shows, a determined cat guarding a mail slot is the biggest – and funniest! – challenge of all.

Being a mailman can be a tough job. Over the years we have seen them chased by big dogs and even turkeys, which are apparently a common occurrence in New Jersey.

But there are other animals that can cause problems, including cats.

For the mailman you’re about to see in the video below his daily routine ended with a good laugh, although not for him.

In one of the houses he delivered mail to, there lived a cat, who was always at home and on guard when he came by.

One day he decided to film his experience delivering the mail and the cat was not shy for the camera. Trying to get just three pieces of mail through the door was next to impossible.

The cat has proved quite a hit with the internet and the video was soon shared around the world. Eventually the cat hit the big screen and the video was shown on TV!

See for yourself in the video below.