Horse falls through pond ice. His reaction after being rescued will warm your heart

We’ve come across so many videos of people saving animals from certain death, but this one here is the real thing.

This horse would’ve died had this guy not taken quick action. This story touched me!

One day, Cody Scott, a 20-year-old guy living in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada, heard that his neighbor’s horse had gone missing. He knew what to do, so he mounted his snowmobile and went out on a search. The weather was chilly. It was actually freezing, and if that horse stayed out there for too long, he would die!

Turns out, the poor Clydesdale had fallen and got stuck in the ice at Llyod Creek. Cody rushed back to contact the local police and fire department for help, and they arrived soon enough. The team would work for the next 2 good hours, trying to save the horse’s life. In the end, they came up with the perfect plan. They tied a rope on her hoof and pulled her out. She was saved!