Firefighters Receive A Call For Help.. But They Had No Idea They Would Find THIS.. Oh My God!

If you think strange things only happen to humans, you have no idea what could happen to a little stray cat that finds himself stuck in the most astonishing of places.

When the fire rescue team at Fort Lauderdale got a call about a cat in a wall, they had no idea what the caller meant until they arrived and got shocked. Inside a wall was a cat crying for help. No one knows how that little creature got in there, considering that he was a stray cat. They had to deploy thermal imaging to locate him in the wall. They did it!

The thing about nice people is that they love helping and saving lives, and this home owner is one of them. This owner actually allowed them to cut through the wall to get to the cat!

The little kitty was washed and fed, and then they took him to the station. He’s now at an animal shelter hoping to land a forever home soon.

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