Family found tiny kitten frozen in the snow. They didn’t think he would survive, but he surprised them all

I guess that if your day of dying has not yet come, nothing will take you from the face of the earth. One little kitten was left to die in the snow, when one man who was playing outside found him already frozen had him rescued.

Justin Bingham was playing with his kids out in the snow on a December morning when he suddenly fell on something that he felt was hard. On looking well at the hard thing, he was shocked to find out that it was a little kitten that was frozen.

Upon making this discovery, he lifted the kitten and told the other kids what he had found. All this time he thought that the kitten was dead, but then with the warmth of his hands, the little cat proved to be alive.

Justin together with the kids took the kitten inside the house to defreeze him. Being an expert in CPR, Justin did a quick first aid on him and discovered that the kitten had difficulty in breathing. He continued with administering the CPR for over an hour and finally the kitten was able to breath well due to the warm air that finally got into the lungs.

Good news is that the Bingham adopted the kitten and named him Lazarus, for he died and the family arose him.

Watch the clip below to see Lazarus: