Drowning deer cries out for help from freezing lake — Finally help arrives but it’s not from who’d you expect

As humans, we should always do our part and help animals in need. One such case concerned a red deer, who was found floating almost lifelessly in the frozen rivers of Barguzin located near Ulan-Ude, in eastern Siberia, Russia. The four hunters who spotted the poor animals had worked tirelessly to cut a path out of the ice. It was to pull the deer out of the river successfully – the whole animal rescue spanned over 4 hours in the winter cold.

One of the men, who filmed the whole scene down on tape named Aleksej Baluev, told the others that they needed to get the deer away from the cold. Afterwards, the team of 4 began to rub the animal’s body continuously in order to try and restore circulation – this was to prevent frostbite. The freezing deer had to be kept warm until the men could successfully get it out of the water and near a fire or heat source.

The team of 4 men had eventually managed to get the deer out of the water thanks to their teamwork. They proceeded to carry the deer all the way to a local garage to towel-dry and warm its body up. The deer’s rescuers fed it a piece of lard and a little bit of vodka as well. Once the deer has rested, the men carried it carefully back into the forest, where it happily trots off in better shape once again – rescuing animals is an rewarding task indeed!

Watch the rescue in the video below!