Desperate cat refuses to give up on friend and drags his lifeless body to safety

Dogs are loyal, that’s an absolute fact. However, some other animals are too. Cats, for example, are often know to be undependable creatures who will go anywhere where they can get food and their loyalty is something that their owner has to earn.

Cats are not pack animals so they don’t usually don’t on each other.

That’s a why, a recent video went viral for proving that cats can show unconditional love and depend on their fellow felines.

The video was taken in the Songbei district of North China, and shows a cat refusing to leave the body of her dead friend.


Witnesses say the cat stayed over her friend for a while trying to revive him but when that didn’t work she did something extraordinary.

The mighty moggy grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck and started dragging her to safety.

Holding the limp body in her mouth, the white and orange cat looks as though she’s trying to get her friend out of the busy street and to safety.

The exhausted cat has to stop along the way but doesn’t give up until her friend is safely under the car.

Without knowing the whole story behind this heartbreaking act it’s clear that this grieving moggy is not ready to give up on her friend.

Watch the moving act in the video below.

This cat never gives up on her friend, such a moving act of loyalty and friendship.