Freya has now reached the age of 4, and the couple’s second daughter, Ella, is 18 months old. Despite initial prognoses suggesting Brett had only 12 months to live, he defied the odds, persevering and extending his time.

Throughout this period, the family managed to embark on travels, enjoying holidays both abroad and to Disneyland. Brett maintained a positive outlook, never losing hope despite the challenges he faced.

The initial success of Brett’s first round of treatments was overshadowed by the devastating news of the tumor’s return to an inoperable part of his brain. This heartbreaking revelation coincided with the impending arrival of the couple’s third daughter.

Ariya was born at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, and within 50 minutes of her birth, Nicola, along with the baby and her mother, rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital to be with Brett.

The coordination efforts of the hospital staff proved crucial, culminating in a poignant moment when Ariya was able to cuddle her father shortly before his passing. Although Brett couldn’t verbalize his feelings, Nicola affirmed that he was aware of the presence of the newborn during this tender interaction

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