Cat Walks Into Nursing Home And Goes To Patient’s Room, The Staff Knows Exactly What’s About To Happen

Not all the time you come across an animal that acts in a strange way. You have to meet Oscar the cat and know what I mean. This cat is always seen around the Steere House Nursing Home for reasons you will least expect. Oscar is not the friendliest cat you will wish to stay with and he normally disappears for quite some time before making a reappearance. When he reappears, then something is about to happen – someone is about to lose his or her life. At that time, it’s common to see him hanging in the window sill or in some cases snuggling up near the passing person.

Angels are known to appear in various forms, and according to one commenter, Oscar might be an angel in disguise. But, in reality, how do we find some evidence to support that? Say or think what you can, but one thing stands- he’s really a strange cat!

When caretakers see Oscar with someone. They know that the person’s time on Earth is coming to an end and that their time of pain and suffering will also be coming to an end. They are grateful that Oscar is there to sit with them, to love them and to provide comfort for these people in their final hours.

This cat’s behaviors are nothing short of a miracle and a blessing from above. Watch him in the video below!