Cat intently watches TV with owner, makes hilarious move when he spots Jerry the mouse on the screen

Who isn’t fan of the famous duo Tom and Jerry? This lovable series didn’t and still don’t fail to amaze kids and even adults around the world. Tom and Jerry are never boring with their hilarious fights almost every episode.

Jerry, who is very clever, have made all Tom’s attempts to capture miserably fail. Every cat would be mad watching him lose every time and this one cat totally agree with us and decided enough is enough.

Basboos the Scottish fold cat is watching the wacky cartoon series with his owner. The cat is watching with full attention his fellow cat’s adversary Jerry and keeping a close eye to his every single move.

Step by step, Basboos approached the TV, it seems like can’t wait to put that fictional mouse underneath his paws.

Basboos couldn’t hold itself back and approached closer to the TV and at the moment Jerry appeared on the TV, the cat captured Jerry with its tiny paws. But of course, Jerry’s inside the TV and not real.

It seems like Basboos won’t be of any help to Tom.

Watch the hilarious scene in the video below: