Cat Doesn’t Want To Sit Outside Anymore. His Clever Way To Be Let In Has Whole Internet In Laughter

Is meowing the only way a cat can use to seek attention to be let into the house? That is not the case from the ginger cat you are about to meet in the clip below. As a polite house cat, Bruno knows the best way to alert his owner that he is back so that he door can be opened. This cat has just discovered that by ringing the doorbell, the owners will do the necessary and that is what he does.

Experts from Animal Planet explain that cats possess excellent mental capacity and with that they can memorize certain events. It is easy for them to memorize events which are related to their unhappiness or unsafety. They can also commit into memory things that lead to their comfort, and that is where Bruno’s case falls.

Despite being a smart pet, Bruno is also so considerate. As revealed by Patrick Dougherty, the person who uploaded the clip below, Bruno never uses the doorbell at night since he knows waking the family is not a good thing. Don’t you think that is nice?