The revelation was truly unexpected. Jude’s father stumbled upon his son’s hidden talent quite literally. He recounted to reporters, “I was here watching the news when I heard him play something… So I grabbed my phone, went down there, and was like, ‘Dude, play that again.'” Isaiah, once a drummer in his native Ghana, was thrilled to witness his son realizing a dream he once harbored himself.

Jude’s skills were showcased on the news, where he impressed with station jingles and wowed reporters with his riffs. The broadcast stemmed from one of his father’s viral videos capturing Jude’s remarkable performance. Until then, only his family, a few social media followers, and fellow congregants knew of his talent.

Viewers, regardless of their musical prowess, recognized Jude’s gift. One such individual, a nearby piano tuner, felt compelled to ensure the boy had access to proper instruments.

Bill Magnusson, after watching Jude’s feature, noticed the modest electric keyboard the boy used. Despite Jude’s impressive playing, Magnusson believed he deserved more.

Reflecting on ABC 7, Magnusson expressed, “(My) first reaction was, ‘This kid is on Mozart’s level… And he deserves the very best.” He then dipped into his savings to purchase a grand piano for Jude. The boy and his family were elated by the unexpected gesture. Isaiah expressed gratitude, acknowledging they could never have afforded such an instrument themselves. It’s heartening to witness a community rallying behind such a talented young musician

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