500 Racehorses Panic as Wildfires Close In – Then Trainers Set Them Free Before It’s Too Late

The dry conditions and dry vegetation in California have created the perfect recipe for the devastating wildfires. There have been numerous incidences that have displaced humans and animals alike.

In times of tragedy and disaster, several people have stepped up to help. Even though people might have lost in the fire, they are willing to save even the smallest of life.

December 7th was a usual Thursday at the San Luis Rey Downs in San Diego. The stables are home to some of the top racing horse breeds and are home to over 500 horses. When the wildfires broke out, they spread to the stables before the horses could be evacuated. The fires started on Thursday 11 a.m. and grew into a frenzy because of the strong winds.

The barns are highly flammable as they are made from shavings and straws. The hay that the horses eat fuels the fire too.

Moments later, the entire facility was turned into a bonfire. The stable hands, beginners, and trainers tried to evacuate some of the horses but the fire overcame them. There were too many horses to rescue at once. Fortunately, they knew that was an effective way of saving the endangered horses.