5-year-old plays soccer in a wildlife reserve in Africa and his opponents are two giant elephants

Finn Johnson is a 5-year-old who enjoys playing soccer with elephants in South Africa.

When I was a kid, I used to have a lot of friends in the neighborhood and play with them most of the times. The childhood is a period of our lives that’s joyful and adventurous, because kids are curious at their young ages, sometimes this curiousity leads to unexpected friendships. For example, the kids being raised in South Africa has a wildly different upbringing compared to kids in other countries. In fact, they are far more likely to encounter some precious pachyderm pals that partake in a friendly game of football, which you can witness right here.


At the exuberant age of five, Finn Johnson can already confirm that life in the Western Cape is full of incredible surprises. While adventuring for fresh companions, the intrepid explorer soon stumbled across a pair of elephants that embodied the grandness of Ganesh. Amari and Shanti were their names, and they hailed from Mossel Bay’s Indalu farm. Johnson’s reaction upon meeting these gargantuan creatures was only natural: He quickly summoned the local Van Rooyen brothers, Rohan and Hanro, for an unprecedented impromptu sporting event. The ensuing cross-species soccer exhibition provided a super delightful romp for audiences everywhere.

The wilderness of our world is packed with all kinds of enchanting escapades, but this one-of-a-kind mammalian competition was completely in a class of its own. These majestic mammoths weigh more than 6,000 pounds apiece, so the pint-sized 37-pound youngsters paled in comparison. Fortunately, elephants appear to be sportsmanlike animals, and they kindly accommodated the meager stature of their opponents. These intelligent giants even understood the rules and made two solid goals during gameplay. As if they were reenacting David versus Goliath, the trio was not going to be outdone. The adorable gang rallied some serious spirit to muster three rambunctious scores and achieve victory.

Of course, fun gatherings like this one rely on improvisation, which is why the goalposts were cleverly composed of nearby trees. Despite their statuesque magnificence, this heart-warning duo showcased unabashed gentleness and a graceful acceptance of defeat. The final 3-2 tally encompassed a stunning Sub-Saharan safari roller-coaster. When all is said and done, it’s massively impressive that such a complex athletic undertaking could be orchestrated with non-verbal communication and visual cues alone.

Since being rescued four years ago, Amari and Shanti have roamed freely with guests while under ranger supervision. It also helps that the camerawomen, Fiona Ayerst, is an expert in wildlife photography. As Johnson’s mother, here’s how she described the mutually advantageous occasion: “Football is an enrichment game for the elephants. The game is perfect for coordination and also for keeping the elephants stimulated.”

Johnson definitely has one thing in common with the elephants now: He will remember this day forever! This wondrous little nature assembly featured big beasts alongside an even larger sense of courage. The minuscule mastermind behind these outdoorsy antics had this to say about the unexpected meeting: “It was a bit scary at first because the elephants were so huge, but as soon as I started scoring goals and beating them, I wasn’t scared anymore.”

The internet is very lucky that this magical tape was made. With a profound level of joy that is downright indescribable, this extra cute clip is guaranteed to lighten your mood. The awe-inspiring power of these vivacious beauties will perk up anyone, so be sure to stuff this video into your social media trunk for a rainy day.