14 helpless kittens dumped in garbage beg and cry out for help, then a miracle happens…

We’re glad to across heartwarming stories like this. Those people who don’t hesitate for a second to save helpless animals in need of help are the best for me and they deserve all the respect and appreciation.

The woman in the video below found 14 kittens meowing and crying for help in an apartment dumpster. The poor animals were cruelly dumped by a terrible monster who didn’t want to take care of them and decided to just throw them out.

Fortunately, the community stepped by her side and gave all the support for the kittens, and guess what! All the 14 kittens found happy homes. Now they are all getting the love and the good life they absolutely deserve. I love these happy endings!!

Watch the video below and see what Angie did for these sweet kittens!