Woman collapses from stroke – incredible footage captures her dogs jumping into action to save her life

Dogs are certainly man’s best friend. No matter what happens, they will stick to your side, protect you, love you and support you more than some of people you know. A recent video proves this by showing two loyal dogs save the life of their owner.

Maureen Hatcher is an elderly woman who lives with her grandson and their two Labradors, Bella and Sadie, in St. Augustine, Florida. Maureen was recently home alone with the dogs when she suddenly suffered a stroke and collapsed, barely able to speak and unable to scream for help.

When the dogs saw Maureen fall down, they knew right away that it was up to them to save her.

“I remember Sadie coming in and I said … ‘Mommy needs help,’” Maureen said. “And then, they were gone.”

The camera on Maureen’s doorbell captured the dogs sprinting out of the home and returning minutes later with their owner’s neighbor, Alexandra Naspolini. Though Alexandra was worried that she should not be entering Maureen’s home uninvited, the dogs made it clear to her that they needed her help.

When Alexandra found Maureen on the floor, she called 911 immediately.

Paramedics arrived at the home just in time and rushed Maureen to the hospital. Thanks to her dogs, she was able to get medical attention before the stroke did serious, irreversible damage. Doctors said that her dogs saved her life, since timing is crucial when it comes to treating a stroke.

“By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in,” Maureen said. “I am blessed… very blessed.”

Watch how the two dogs helped save the life of their owner in the video below: