Woman on boat notices exhausted osprey struggling to take off. Gets closer and does the right thing to save the day

We come across many video of people rescuing animals in need, and we’re relieved to know that good and brave people are still around to save animals who get or find themselves in bad or life-threatening situations. The rescue you’re about to see is not like you witness every day. A hawk get itself in trouble and was lucky to be found by the right people who didn’t hesitate a second to save its life.

While they were on a boat trip ride, a woman named Cindy and her family noticed that the wild bird was struggling to take a flight, but seemed to lose all its energy to take off and reach the sky. So they decided to take a closer look.


The bird was standing still at the middle of the water, not knowing what to do. Then Cindy got the idea of handing the oar to the poor bird in hopes it will be able to reach it and get on it. The bird immediately started moving and managed to get on the oar. The smart hawk could sense the people are there to save him from the situation he found himself in.

Cindy didn’t want to scare the bird, so she remained calm, holding the oak all along until they reached land. That’s when the great osprey could continue on its own. Thanks to Cindy and her brilliant idea, the beautiful bird could fly again. Once it felt safe it spread the wings and flew away.

This was an amazing experience for the people on the boat, so they shared it online and many praised Cindy’s act. Take a look at the unusual rescue scene below.