Unaware woman is about to be robbed in street – then an unlikely hero jumps into action to save the day

A brave stray dog helped a woman who was being robbed by an unknown man in the area of the Old Aerodrome in Podgorica, Montenegro, according to local television channel RTCG.

In this amazing video, a woman is forced to the ground by a vicious mugger. The mugger gradually walks closer and closer, until he grabs her from behind and wrestles her to the ground in an attempt to mug her. The dog runs after the mugger, jumping at his heels as the mugger makes his escape in terror. The four-legged friend chases the thug, who runs away in seeming terror whilst the dog continues to bark angrily at him. Incredibly, the dog’s kind actions don’t stop there. He even turns back to make sure the woman he saved is OK. Others were amazed by how quickly the dog had reacted.

No more proof is needed that dogs are amazing – but here’s a clip of a heroic dog showing how brave they can be. People were full of praise for the animal, including one man who posted a photo of a dog with the caption: ‘Hero of the day.’

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