Do you love dogs and cats? This is a story about a dog who loves cats. Lilo Husky (center) is part of a set of three huskies who were adopted by a kitten named Rosie. The following is their amazing story.

Rosie was only three weeks old when she found herself homeless. His small body was in such pain that he had little hope of a short life. He barely survived the first night.

So his rescuers decided to try something more risky: they let him fight one of his huskies, Lilo. Lilo never had and never will have puppies, but there was definitely a “mom call” in her life.

Lilo immediately began caring for little Rosie, allowing her to breastfeed and forcing her to separate. It was unclear if the kitten would survive without Lilo’s help.

Lilo was happy to have the kitten and seemed to think Rosie was a puppy. Rosie was pretty sure she was a puppy.​

When Rosie was growing up, she did everything that huskies did when they walked and accompanied them on all their adventures.


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