The Gorgeous Gypsy Vanner is one of the most majestic horse breeds

Many beautiful horse breeds exist, and each breed looks more unique than the last. I think we can never decide which one is the most beautiful.

Enter the Gypsy Vanner horse; with a great reputation of being the horse for the proper gentlemen and showman alike, they’ve marveled the world with their natural beauty and balance. One Gypsy Vanner, in particular, named Pearlie King, is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen, as seen here in this video from 2013.

However, there’s one Gypsy Vanner horse that truly stands out from the crowd with its eye-popping colors and muscular symmetry. That horse is a Gypsy Vanner named Pearlie King. Even veteran equine appreciators will have to do a double-take when this mare trots by; she has stellar breeding and poise that allows her to be the perfect ambassador for her breed.

While many people will recognize Miss Pearlie King the moment they lay eyes on her, some may not understand or even be able to articulate just what is so striking about the mare. First, Pearlie King has a rather unique coat. Not at all unlike that of a Holstein cow, this mare at a distance would make for the most uniquely elegant cow anyone has ever laid their eyes upon.

However, once you get closer, the truly beautiful equine features and physique appear. Second, Miss Pearlie King possesses an amazing balance to her fur coat. The entire mane along the top of her crest and above her ears is a snow-white that is reminiscent of a December afternoon. The tail hairs at her rear are jet black like the night sky. Her forelegs are half-covered with ebony, while her stockings and tufts are ivory.

This shows off her musculature for all who have a fine eye for athleticism in horses. A white stripe down the nose perfectly divides the blackness of her face in two, and a singular black spot towards the center of her ribcage adds the perfect signature contrast that truly lets you know that you’re not only looking at a beautiful Gypsy Vanner horse but the one-and-only Miss Pearlie King.

Third, she is from a breed that is well known to be incredibly friendly with humans. These are incredibly tolerant to not only first-time horse owners but also first-time riders; they are lenient and gentle and tend not to buck-off their equestrian handler. They’re very social animals and they like to always keep in the company of people who they love and trust. Therefore, it’s incredibly likely that once you fall under the spell of any Gypsy Vanner horse, they’ve fallen just as hard for you right back!

Gypsy Vanners are known for their incredibly long and flowing manes; they’re much longer than in other breeds. However, Miss Pearlie King has a gorgeous white mane that is even longer than those of her contemporaries! It flows elegantly as she gallops through every landscape; it does require a fair bit of maintenance to maintain and to prevent tangling, but it’s a labor of love that Miss Pearlie King’s owners endure for their beloved mare.

The managers of such a lovely beast are well aware as to their good fortune; Miss Pearlie King possesses all of the qualities that one would hope for in an equine companion. However, it’s important to note that just purchasing a Gypsy Vanner horse is difficult in the first place as they are incredibly expensive and a highly sought-after breed.

Do you or any of your friends own any horses? What about a Gypsy Vanner? Do they have any interest in coats like Miss Pearlie King does? If so, we want to hear about it here! Then be sure to pass this gorgeous horse on to your friends and family!