Following the receipt of his father’s patrol car, the son expressed how he cherishes it every day. “I drive it constantly,” Brownlee remarked. “I can’t quite find the right word for it, but it holds immense sentimental value to me,” he added. He further noted that his story likely resonated with people because it brings a sense of upliftment.

“When people see it, it brings them joy and offers a feeling of positivity that can sometimes be rare in the news,” he shared. “I appreciate how, especially during the Christmas season, people continue to follow it, thinking, ‘Hey, this is a heartwarming story, especially at Christmas,'” Brownlee emphasized.

Brownlee expressed profound gratitude to rancher Steve Wells, who initially purchased the car with a different intention in mind before learning of Brownlee’s touching story.

“He mentioned that he had planned to buy the car for a women’s shelter, but once his son shared my story with him, he decided to gift the car to me,” Brownlee disclosed. “For Steve Wells to invest that amount of money in someone he didn’t even know, a young 19-year-old at the time, it’s truly remarkable for him to do so.”

He also mentioned that when he drives the car, even strangers recognize him. “I’ll go places, and people will say, ‘Hey, Tanner,'” he explained. “It’s a bit strange that so many people recognize me and know my face,” he added

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