Someone Threw a Kitten in The Ocean, But a Brave Boar Captain Knows Exactly What to Do

Incidences of animal cruelty are not uncommon in our current generation.

Captain Jordan Smith was operating a boat when he saw something falling into the water from the bridge. Smith assumed someone had tossed some trash into the water. Upon taking a closer look, it appeared like a seal. But that did not stop him from inspecting further.

Smith realized the animal was struggling. The tiny furry limbs and desperate yellow eyes made him discover it was a cat.

To save the animal from further despair, Smith used his fishing net to scoop the cat out of the water.
Smith took the cat to the vet. He also plans to adopt the cat into his family; he already has a dog at home. He considers the cat as his princess and named the black lucky cat “Miracle”.

Smith plans to work with the authorities to help identify the cat’s abusers. For now, the feline has a new and loving home.

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