Sick dog is on his way to be put down, then angels go above and beyond to save his life

Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a stray dog finding a place in a loving home. Countless dogs are still roaming the streets to survive and many others are scheduled every day for euthanization. One of these dogs was Tiny Tam. This poor dog was sick and about to be put down, but then his fate took a very surprising, heartwarming turn.

Tiny Tim spent years living on the streets with a broken pelvis and severe mange. He was taken in to be put to sleep, but Sidewalk Specials had something else to say about that. Instead of being euthanized, this sweet boy was given a forever home! He had so much life left in him, and he’s proving that now living his best life.

Watch Tiny Tam’s heartwarming rescue in the video below: