Rescuers find dog looking desperately for her missing puppies, stop at nothing until she gets them back

A security guard is doing his job at a supermarket when he spots a dog wandering in the parking lot. She looks weak and miserable. She’s obviously looking for something. She seems to have given birth recently and she’s probably trying to find her litter. And then the man takes out his phone and dials a number!

Within a short time, the good guys from the Villalobos Rescue Center were on the ground. They had to help this dog. Once the animal saw them, she approached, probably to beg for help. She then led them to a house nearby. They knocked, and someone opened.

He introduced himself as a friend to the dog’s owner. The owner was in prison and the guy claimed to be taking care of the dog along with her pups still in the house, but the rescue workers could see that that clearly wasn’t true. Meanwhile, her little pups were inside – and it was anyone’s guess what shape they were in.

The man refused to help any further and asked to be left alone. Naturally, the Villalobos Rescue Center staff brought the mamma dog back to the shelter and immediately sought legal permission to take the puppies too.

The reunion between mother and puppies was naturally absolutely moving! Watch the emotional video below: