When Bethany Castiller and her family decided to get a dog, they knew their new canine family member would be their salvation. They have promised to adopt a dog in need of a home because they believe in the principle of “adopt, not buy.” However, the family had a nuance. His new family member had to be able to get along with his cats, Pecan and Gizmo. When he visited the shelter to find the dog, a guy named Mako immediately made it clear that he was going home to the Castiller family. In fact, Bethany says family members joke that Mako was not chosen: “He chose us.”

She explains that when they got to the shelter, Mako had his back against the cage, and when they reached in and started petting him, he did something irresistible. The adorable dog looked over his shoulder and gave them direct eye contact and they immediately fell in love with him. The shelter assured the family that Mako likes dogs just fine and it wasn’t long before they realized that it’s probably because Mako actually seems to think he is a cat. They can’t know that for certain, but most people who know Mako believe that he was probably raised around cats because all of his favorite activities are things that cats do.


First off, Mako doesn’t bark. Plus he loves cat treats (although, to be honest, all dogs!). One weird thing that Mako does, however, climbs cabinets and countertops, as cats are known to do. This seems to be her favorite pastime and it’s a lot of fun to see this big dog on countertops and cabinets. When the family first saw Mako at the top of tables and counters, they thought he was a little weird, but soon realized it was Mako and now treat him like one of the cats.


Mako even loves cat toys. They bought him a large dog toy that looks like a cat toy, and when they go to the backyard to throw it for him, Mako runs and jumps after him and the cats chase his toys


He also loves to lay on the tables with the cats and look out at the birds.


And when one of the cats stretches out on its back for a belly rub, guess what? Yep, Mako does it too!Instagram

And Mako loves his family as much as they love him. According to Bethany, he spends all the time with his cat brothers and is one of the gang members. We love this guy! Be sure to follow Mako on  Instagram. Check out this fun video of Mako below.



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