P!nk, known for her dedication to both her music career and motherhood, sought guidance from “sleep trainers” to create a sleep schedule for her daughter during tours. Other “mom popstars” approached her for advice on balancing career and family. However, despite her experience, P!nk faced an unexpected situation during a London performance on her Summer Carnival Tour on June 25, 2023.

Caught on camera, the incident unfolded as a fan threw a clear plastic bag onto the stage, containing what turned out to be her mother’s ashes. P!nk, in the midst of singing “Just Like A Pill,” paused to pick up the bag and asked the fan, “This is your mom?” Expressing bewilderment, she held the bag near the speakers at the front of the stage, stating, “I don’t know how I feel about this!” Eventually, she placed the bag by the speakers with a perplexed look but promptly resumed her performance, maintaining professionalism.

The video, captioned with disbelief, has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, leaving many equally puzzled by the unexpected turn of events. One comment summed up the sentiment, emphasizing P!nk’s composed reaction despite the unusual situation

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